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We work hard here at Drain Clear to help with all your CCTV survey needs in Southend, Rayleigh, Grays, Thurrock, Romford and further afield across Essex and beyond. We are carrying out many of these CCTV surveys every week, helping our customers to discover exactly why their drains are blocked!

Do contact us if you need help, you will then find that we always work in a friendly and professional manner, providing advice and our transparent costing up-front to you, the client, always.

We will proceed as follows:

  1. A suitable appointment time for our technicians to perform the survey will be agreed when you contact us.
  2. Our technicians will arrive at your property, making themselves known to you before they commence the work. They will then, first of all, gain access to the drains, by removing the manhole covers. Next, they assemble all of the CCTV equipment and the crawler or pushrod unit in preparation for the job.
  3. The technician will then guide the CCTV camera through the drain to start the survey itself, recording the whole drain system along the way. This filmed footage is initially inspected live and subsequently recorded by the apparatus. Once finished, this equipment is fully removed, the manhole covers are replaced, and the area left in its original state.
  4. Back in our office, we fully review the recorded footage and a detailed report is then created. Within this report you will find both the technicians observations and his recommendations. Issues that are thus detected, such as tree root intrusions, displaced joints, cracks or similar faults, will be highlighted for you. Our expert advice will be given to you in order to help you to decide how to move forwards.
  5. Our report will also furnish you with further useful information to take into account, such as the pipe diameters, the invert levels and condition of the pipes plus a technical drawing providing a map of the drains. The final report will be emailed to you and a hard copy of the report will be produced and posted to you at your address along with a colour DVD of the survey.

Drain Clear – Always helping to keep Southends’s drains clear!

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